The Food Basket is a non-profit human service agency providing food on an emergency basis to those in need in Fulton County. We serve families and individuals referred by other human service agencies and local clergy. The Fulton County Food Basket is a county lead agency for USDA Commodities, State Food Purchase Program, CSFP, and the Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Program. The Food Basket requires funds and food from individuals, churches, businesses, and the government. Monetary donations as well as food are appreciated and well used!   

   Our Mission is to provide high quality and nutritious food to those who are in need, with                                             a program that will not foster dependency.

  The Fulton County Community Garden Program
Each spring the Fulton County Food Basket sponsors the Community Gardening Program; Providing garden plots, seeds, fertilizer, and plants to those who are interested in growing their own produce. Participants grow food for themselves and have been known to donate the excess back to the Food Basket.
  Fulton County Nutrition Awareness Program
A community-based nutrition education program, in collaboration with Penn State University, which provides monthly and individual classes to adults, seniors, school age, and pre-school children.
 "Grow Eat Move" (G.E.M.) Program
The Fulton County Food Basket has a partnership with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank to provide a Back Pack Program which is designed to meet the needs of school-age children when school resources, such as free and reduced breakfast and lunch, is not available. Through this program children receive a weekly backpack of non-perishable food, and participate in interactive nutrition lessons.
The Fulton County Food Basket is always accepting applications of those wishing to volunteer. Help can be used to prepare orders, pick up donated food, unload trucks, and assist clients. 
For more Information on how you can help, 
contact Susan Cubbage (717) 485-5688 email: scfoodbasket@comcast.net
Food and/or monetary donations can be brought directly to the Food Basket, or picked up by a Food Basket Manager. Monetary donations can also be mailed to P.O. Box 512 McConnellsburg, PA 17233.
Drop off times are during business hours only. (Monday through Thursday 9:00AM to 3:00PM)
If making donations after hours, contact Susan Cubbage (717) 816-0380
Nutrition Awareness Classes
May 2015
May. 11 Hustontown Senior Center 10:30AM
May. 13 Mt. View 10:00AM
May. 18 Warfordsburg Senior Center 10:30AM
May. 19 *McConnellsburg Senior Center 10:00AM
*(Tuesday AM Seniors Only)
May. 20 Three Springs Senior Center 10:30AM
May. 21 McConnellsburg Senior Center 1:00PM
May. 26 Everett Senior Center 10:30AM
May. 28 Bedford Senior Center 10:30AM
June 2015
Jun. 8 Hustontown Senior Center 10:30AM
Jun. 10 Mt. View 10:00AM
Jun. 15 Warfordsburg Senior Center 10:30AM
Jun. 16 *McConnellsburg Senior Center 10:00AM
​*(Tuesday AM Seniors Only)
Jun. 17 Three Springs Senior Center 10:30AM
Jun. 18 McConnellsburg Senior Center 1:00PM
Jun. 25 Everett Senior Center 10:30AM
Jun. 30 Bedford Senior Center 10:30AM
July 2015
Jul. 8 Mt. View 10:00AM
Jul. 13 Hustontown Senior Center 10:30AM
Jul.14 *McConnellsburg Senior Center 10:00Am
*(Tuesday AM Seniors Only)
Jul.15 Three Springs Senior Center 10:30AM
Jul. 16 McConnellsburg Senior Center 1:00PM
Jul. 20 Warfordsburg Senior Center 10:30AM
Jul. 28 Bedford Senior Center 10:30AM
Jul. 30 Everett Senior Center 10:30AM
August 2015
Aug. 10 Hustontown Senior Center 10:30AM
Aug. 12 Mt. View 10:00AM
Aug. 17 Warfordsburg Senior Center 10:30AM
Aug. 18 *McConnellsburg Senior Center 10:00AM
*(Tuesday AM Seniors Only)
Aug. 19 Three Springs Senior Center 10:30AM
Aug. 20 McConnellsburg Senior Center 1:00PM
Aug. 25 Bedford Senior Center 10:30AM
Aug. 27 Everett Senior Center 10:30AM
September 2015
Sep. 9 Mt. View 10:00AM
Sep. 14 Hustontown Senior Center 10:30AM
Sep. 15 *McConnellsburg Senior Center 10:00AM
*(Tuesday AM Seniors Only)
Sep. 16 Three Springs Senior Center 10:30Am
Sept. 17 McConnellsburg Senior Center 1:00PM
Sept. 21 Warfordsburg Senior Center 10:30AM
Sept. 24 Everett Senior Center 10:30AM
Sept. 29 Bedford Senior Center 10:30AM
Funded by the PA Department of Public Welfare (DPW) through the PA NUTRITION EDUCATION TRACKS, as part of USDA's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). To find out how SNAP can help you buy healthy foods, contact DPW's toll-free Helpline at 800-692-7462. This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
   Get your personalized nutrition and physical activity plan.
   Track your foods and physical activities to see how they stack up.    
   Get tips and support to help you make healthier choices and plan ahead.
Fulton County "GROW EAT MOVE" (G.E.M.) Program
Many kids rely on school resources such as free or reduced-priced school breakfast and lunch in Pennsylvania.
The "BackPack" Program is designed to meet the hunger needs of these children at times when school resources are not available, such as weekends and school vacations. Through this program, children can fill back packs with non-perishable and vitamin fortified foods to take home on weekends. Students will also particiapate in weekly interactive nutrition lessons in the club called "Grow Eat Move".
To find out how you can get your child involved with the Fulton County G.E.M. program,
Contact Ginger Metz (717) 485-5688  gmfoodbasket@comcast.net